Frank Exchange of Views


Hull: Cruiser
Class: Heavily modified Tyrant-class Naval Cruiser
Dimensions: 5 km long, .8 km abeam at fins approax
Mass: 28.5 megatonnes, approx
Crew: 100 000, approx
Accel: 3.6 gravities max sustainable

Speed: 6
Maneuverability: +15
Detection +15
Hull Integrity: 72
Armour: 20(24 front)
Turret rating: 2 (3 with Flak Turrets)
Space: 75(75 used)
Power 75(75 used)
Weapon Capacity: Dorsal 1, Prow 1

SP total cost: 35

Essential Components:

Hull, Strelov 2 Warp Engines, Geller Field, Modified Jovian Pattern Class 4 Drive, Repulsor Void shield Array, Ship Masters Bridge, Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer, Clan-Kin Quarters, M-201.b Auger Array.

Optional Components:

Mars Pattern Macrocannon Broadside*(Strength: 6 , 1d10+2, Crit: 5)*
Mezoa Pattern Macrocannons (Strength: 4, 1d10+3, Crit: 5)

Mars Pattern Macrocannon Broadside (Strength: 6 , 1d10+2, Crit: 5)
Mezoa Pattern Macrocannons (Strength: 4, 1d10+3, Crit: 5)

Cargo Hold and Lighter Bay(Warships converted to haul cargo. +50 Achievement points toward Criminal or Trade objective. -3 Maneuverability for Starships docked)

Compartmentalized Cargo Hold(100 additional points towards Trade objectives)

Barracks (100 additional points towards Military objectives. If transporting troops, +20 Command test to Boarding Actions, and Hit and Run)

Munitorium(25 additional achievement points towards Military Objectives. All Macrobatteries gain +1 damage. If damaged, explosion, and 2d5 damage to hull and random fire starts)

Temple-Shrine to the God Emperor(Increase morale permanently by 3. 100 extra Achievement Points towards Creed objectives)

Armoured Prow (+4 Armor in Fore arc. 1d10 extra ramming damage. No weapons allowed fore)

Augmented Retrothrusters(+5 Maneuverability)

Broadband Hymn-Casters(Blasts the hymns of the God-Emperor. When active: All other ships -10 Tech use test to use VOX within 30 VU. All aboard this ship get +10 Intimidate Test against all other ships within 30 VU. )

Flak Turrets – +1 to Turret Rating when active, -10 to detection when active.

Auto-Temple – Morale +2, can drop from orbit and earn additional 150 Achievement
Points towards completing “Creed” objectives.

Clan-Kin Quarters – +5 all command tests to defend against boarding/hit and run actions. Reduce all sources of morale loss by 1 to minimum of 1.

Observation Dome – A gigantic observation dome made of diamond panes
and armoured glass on the vessels spine, allowing an
unrestricted view of the surrounding void. Players earn an additional 50
Achievement Points towards exploration. Morale +1 permanently.

Endeavour Bonuses:

Military: +125
Creed: +250
Criminal: +50
Trade: +150
Exploration: +50

Ship traits:

Martial Hubris: Always eager to fight. +5 to Ballistic Tests to fire weapons. -15 on any pilot(space craft) test to escape a fight

Emissary of the Imperator: The ship is a veritable monument to the power and grandeur of the God-Emperors might, but it lacks subtlety. All intimidation tests +15 while all other social tests -5. These apply only when the character(s) is known to be from this ship. Few will see beyond the symbolism of this vessel….


18 SP remaining.

Frank Exchange of Views

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