W40k: Rogue Trader

9: A plan comes together

In which the origins of the tribals become known.

Head Missionary of The Frank Exchange of Views.
Morpheus Marellos
Personal Log

Unknown planet
Unknown system

The indigenous people on this forsaken planet have been denied the light of the Emperor for millennia. I weep for them and long to show them the true path.

I managed to communicate with their leader, “LoreCapn” as they say, confirming many of my suspicions when I addressed him in High Gothic. It does seems as they are descended from a starship that crashed into the planet sometime in the distant past (Probably millennia ago). The datacube “LoreCapn” had embedded on a sceptre confirmed as much. This after our dear Lord Captain Magnus Blackstar nearly killed the poor scribe who thought him my subordinate. In retrospect I really should have made an example of him myself, but these were rather delicate negotiations, and I deemed it important enough to not stand up for the Captain. I shall not do that mistake again, the Emperor strike me down if I do!

The power core the tribals are worshipping is rather old according to Nautilus. Probably archeo-tech. If we could manage to salvage it, that might be what we need to get out of here. First we need to find out where the EMP-pulse came from so that we can get back up to the Frank Exchange of Views to call down reinforcements.

We slept in a “temple” where the crew of the original starship were entombed in sarcophagi. Strangely, the centre sarcophagi was missing it’s head. It is currently unclear what happened with it. I really should ask about it at some point.

Trying to figure out where “Starfall”, the place where the starship crashlanded, is, Ser Gant, visibly shaken, took us to a trophy hut and showed us the skull of a strange humanoid creature. Dara recognized it as a “Gene Stealer” and it is apparently very bad news as even Reginald recoiled in fear when he heard it named. Still, “Starfall” is where we must go shall we ever get off this damned planet. Perhaps we can persuade the tribals to fight for us. That would at least allow them to die in the glory of the Emperor instead burning for eternity as heretics. I must spend some time convincing them that the Path of the Emperor is the one true path.


AAsama Gongon

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