W40k: Rogue Trader

7: Of Critters and Men

Reginald Starza
Pilot of the Frank Exchange of Views
Personal Log

Spent the night in the landing craft playing cards with the big guy and patching up everyone else who got roughed up in the landing. It wasn’t that bad, bunch’ve pansies. Then again I do have a lot more experience at getting roughed up than these guys. Suppose it’s something I shouldn’t be proud of. We set off in the morning to see what all was out there, though the missionary and the random guy opted to stay behind and secure the ship.

This planet is slimy and disgusting. It’s gray, ugly, raining, and everything squishes underfoot like the whole planet were covered in mucous. Didn’t find much on our travels, though we did find some sort of dome made entirely out of the bones of the local wildlife. Definitely xenos construction, but we declined to go inside. Time for that later, according to the boss. The structure was huge, made of dozens of tons of bone, which I guess means I shouldn’t have been as surprised as I was when an enormous horde of, things, decided to attack us. Nothing I’ve ever seen before. Small, fast little fuckers with claws and probably venom as well. Wonder if this is what Catachan is like, hordes of slavering bastards swarming out of snot-forests attacking anything that looks edible. The big guy and the chick were off climbing a big pile of crap when they came, so the boss and I had to defend ourselves.

The big guy had the presence of mind to both bring a rope and throw it down to us, and I’m thankful for that. We got out of reach of the drooling hordes without so much as a scratch. The chick even showed she isn’t just a bridge bunny, either – She took a few shots with a Hellgun and got one of the vermin right in the skull. Brain popped like a smashed grape and the flaming corpse took off running all by itself before it fell over twitching. Best shit I’ve seen on this expedition so far; I owe her a drink when we get back to the ship. We climbed up alright while the little bastards fought over the pre-cooked corpse of their dead friend.

Sat at the top for a while wondering what to do. Looked at the mountains for a while; couple people said there was something funny about ‘em but I didn’t see it. Threw some rocks at the little bastards instead, but eventually the chick found a cave system on the far side of the cave. Decided we were going to go there. Well, beats sitting on this cliff waiting for the little vermin to figure out how to climb, amusing as it was watching them fight each other and roll down the cliff again. Decided to go first for a change. Not sure why, just felt like a good idea. Something interesting ahead of us now, though; a cave going into the hill we were sitting on, full of lush green plants and no slime whatsoever. I’m automatically suspicious, but, where else is there to go right now? Looks like we’re going to see where this goes…


AAsama Trylobyte

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