W40k: Rogue Trader

6: Death to the Navigator

Reginald Starza
Pilot of the Frank Exchange of Views
Personal Log

I don’t remember that Warp journey very well. I don’t think any of us does. I only pray to the Emperor that it never happens again. All I know is I got stabbed in the back by some daemonic poisonous thing and wound up in Medical just as our journey came to an end.

And what an end.

It’s always a welcome sight to look out your window and see a lush, fertile, welcoming planet passing gracefully by. It’s a lot less comforting when you realize you’re looking out the side window and see that same planet steadily getting bigger. That idiot Navigator must’ve taken us out of the Warp right on top of the thing! I raced to the bridge as fast as I could to try and find a way out of this situation but it all seemed hopeless. Our reserve pilot couldn’t break away before we got swept up in the gravity well and Magnus, try though he might, couldn’t quite get the ship aimed anywhere except straight at the planet. There was pandemonium all over the ship, even on the bridge. We weren’t sure how we were getting out of this one and were all ready to break for the escape pods. Ship this big wasn’t designed to go anywhere near an atmosphere let alone land planetside. It would’ve been suicide.

Never been much of a pious sort, no more than the average citizen, but I’m rapidly becoming a believer – Our missionary is clearly blessed by the Emperor himself. I’d have never thought to try a gravity slingshot maneuver. Those are difficult even with smaller ships, and require a lot of careful preparation and coordination. We had precisely none of that, and doing it in a full-sized cruiser would be insanity. But I calculated our odds and it was still the best chance we had. Through the skills of our techpriest, the inspiration of our Captain and missionary, and, I suspect, intervention from the Emperor, we managed to pull the ship into orbit from a straight nosedive by slingshotting off the planet and bouncing off its own atmosphere. If I hadn’t done it myself I’d have called bullshit on anyone who said it was possible. The ship isn’t in great shape, of course, but it survived, which is more than any of us expected.

I thought for sure the techpriest was gonna kill the navigator. Once the fires were under control and what’s left of the ship was stable he came stomping in here with a mission in mind. Went up and banged on the Nav’s door and everything, axe in hand. Wouldn’t blame him, after the utter disaster of a travel that took us to wherever we are. Must’ve decided the ship needed more attention though because he came out, with the axe unbloodied and the navigator still alive. Captain then gave us the order to prepare to disembark and go planetside while the ship got patched up enough for us to go somewhere else. Everyone came, except the navigator. Lazy fucker. So we conscripted some guy we passed on the way to join us. Bob, I think? One of the underdecks crew, so he probably fights better than that drug zombie anyway.

Wasn’t expecting the EMP blast that hit our dropship. What even fires an EMP from an uninhabited planet? Or maybe it is inhabited and they’re blocking our sensors somehow. Unfortunately I couldn’t make a clean landing; I’m just not as used to atmospherics. I still know how to brace for impact though; didn’t get banged up nearly as bad as anyone else. Looks like we’re going camping for a while, whether we want to or not – Only hope we can find and shut down that EMP so we can get off this rock again. Don’t feel comfortable being planetside…


AAsama Trylobyte

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