W40k: Rogue Trader

4: Landfall in Footfall, almost killed by a room.

Head Missionary of The Frank Exchange of Views.
Morpheus Marellos
Personal Log


After the most relaxing warp travel I have ever had we finally arrived at Footfall. The others seem to have had a rather trying time through the warp though, they look at me like I’ve told them their Doom approaches (which it might well be here in the Koronus Expanse).

Anyway, I made sure the books we agreed to transport in exchange for the maps reached their recipients and we said goodbye to the pilgrims we picked up earlier. May the Emperor watch over them in this inhospitable and lawless land.

The Lord-Captain was hailed by an old acquaintance of his, a pilot with the name of Reg. Seeing as our current pilot had some problems manoeuvring in our fight with the raiders, a new pilot seems to be welcome.

Reg’s previous ship got blow up when they were attacked by some filthy Xenos called Dark Eldar and he narrowly escaped to Footfall. One of the Xenos had managed to follow him aboard his escape ship, but Reg was apparently able to overpower the creature. When we went with him to secure the body, however, it seems the creature was not quite as dead as he thought. Several dead bodies were found in the docking bay along with the burning wreck of a small ship. Sadly one of our crew got blow up by a grenade that was left behind as a trap when he investigated a body. A trap that also started the venting of the docking bay. Dara somehow managed to halt the de-pressurisation of the docking bay for a short time, just enough for that that horrible abomination Nautilus to open the door. We were not quite out of harms way yet, because the room was still de-pressurizing and had it not been for the strength bestowed upon me by the Emperor, I would not have been able to hold on to the Lord-Captain and his companions when they were almost sucked back into the room. Fortunately Nautilis managed to get the door closed just before our newly acquired pilot was sucked back into the room.

We quickly returned to the ship, longing to get away from this terrible station before more horrors come by. At least the warp out here in the Koronus Expanse is much quieter than any other system I have travelled in.


AAsama Gongon

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