Lord-Captain Magnus "The Duke" Blackstar von Hidemarch


General appearance is as shown, except for the officer’s flak greatcoat he wears over his armor.

Known as “The Duke” or simply “Duke” to his former Imperial Guardsman comrades when his noble lineage was discovered. (A practice which has spread to his crew on the Frank Exchange Of Views. )

He wears an ancient sealed container on his belt, front and centre where it’s visible and yet protectable. The container is an ancient reliquary of the Saint Drusus, passed down through his family for as long as anyone can remember. (+20 to interactions with ecclesiarchy if they can see it.)

His lasgun is an old, battered but well-maintained Guardsman-issue lasgun. Scorchmarks and kill-marks both mark it’s length, though it’s been repaired and customized, and rebuilt for ease of use.

Blackstar is his primary surname, von Hidemarch is where he is from.


Lord-Captain Magnus "The Duke" Blackstar von Hidemarch

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