W40k: Rogue Trader

3: Warp Travel, Raiders, and Riddles

*Lord-Captain Magnus Blackstar
Personal Log


There are few things in life that I hate more than warp travel. Orks, and traitors. Unfortunately, warp travel is something I encounter more often than either. I can kill an ork. I cannot kill the warp itself.

I have been putting my reservations behind me, however, and have been taking the riskier routes that Holic offers. Dangerous, yes, but with the risk comes reward. Unfortunately, it didn’t pay off this time.

Morale was touchy this time, and it wasn’t helped by the lead missionary – Morpheous – falling into some sort of fugue state. He was ranting and raving at anyone nearby that we’re all doomed, only to awaken later with no memory of his actions. He seems fine now that we’re out of the warp, but the crew looks on him more warily now.

Of note, during our passage through the Maw we encountered raiders, assaulting a pilgrim vessel. They were likely lead there – as we were- by the salvation signal the pilgrims put out, hoping for rescue. In a straight-up fight they would stand no chance, but their ships’ speed and mobility allowed them to prove quite a nuisance. However, between the work of the Explorators below deck and Dara’s communication jamming, we were able to confuse and even sometimes out-maneuver them.

The pilgrim vessel was grateful for rescue, of course, but I should have instructed Nautilus to remain on the Exchange. His presence nearly started a riot. Hopefully they believed me when I told them of the Crusade. I didn’t even have to lie.

Holic seems to have handled the route well, but the warp simply didn’t favour us this time. She— HE, I forget sometimes. It’s hard to tell— spoke of some sort of… Riddle. I didn’t quite understand it, but the navigators have always seen the warp differently from normal people.

We’ve arrived at Footfall sooner than we would have otherwise, but our ship suffered a nearly catastrophic loss of power during our second jump. We may be in port for longer than I’d like.

Still, that means I’ll have time to investigate other avenues of… Income.-


AAsama SyrusRayne

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