W40k: Rogue Trader

2: A New Enemy and Some Heretical Texts

*Lord-Captain Magnus Blackstar
Personal Log

I’ve been in the sector for less than a day, and I already have a new enemy. A Rogue Trader, by the name of Haderach Fell.

A handful of his men made a failed attempt on my life this morning; no doubt his sights were set on this mnemolith I’ve recently acquired. A simple enough task to dispatch them – between Nautilus’ frontal assault and Morpheus’ liberal use of flame, I barely had to lift a finger. The Arbites were quick to sweep in and clean up the mess, once we had dispatched the would-be thieves.

From there I had the patrol-officer, Tarkas, escort my retinue to the Arbites precinct HQ. I had hoped to interrogate the assailants, but it turns out they’d been collected rather quickly. This is where I first heard the name; Haderach Fell, Lord-Captain of the Fell Hand. A ship of some renown, supposedly. He had collected his men in short order, and his ship was already on its way out of the system.

I had intended to make chase immediately, perhaps cut them off before they’d even left the sector, but my seneschal’s wisdom prevailed. Dara pointed out the dangers of chasing off after the Fell Hand without proper information of where we’re heading; for that, we’d need maps. I dispatched the lot of them – save for Nautilus, who is best off on the ship where nobody will get too disturbed by his appearance – to gather up what intel they could.

Dara informed me in great detail about the harrowing pile of red-tape she had to work through to acquire her map. I didn’t really listen. The map will serve.

Morpheus’ searching bore fruit as well; he acquired a masterful map of the sector where this Treasure Ship supposedly lies. “Magoros”. I’m not sure what he had to do to get the thing, but he did bring on quite a collection of books before we departed. Seemed religious in nature. No matter.

Our next stop is Footfall, on the other side of the Maw. From there we head into Winterscale’s realm. If we can beat the Fell Hand to Magoros, we’ll be set. And if we can’t… Well, the Fell Hand will make a nice addition to my fleet.

Either way, Haderach Fell is a dead man._


AAsama SyrusRayne

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