W40k: Rogue Trader

10: Crusade to Planetfall

Reginald Starza
Pilot of the Frank Exchange of Views
Personal Log

Back in the Void at last. Couldn’t stand being planetside, even less when we’re surrounded by tribals and genestealers. Tribals were nice enough I s’pose, and it was a very pleasant surprise when Morpheous persuaded a bunch’ve them to come with us to the site they called Planetfall. Especially given the stories they told about it, how it was an evil place full of monsters and horrors. Regular tribal superstitious bullshit, right? Wrong. They showed us the skull of one of the ‘monsters.’ Sent a shiver down my spine seeing it. Genestealers! Fucking Genestealers! Well, guess that’s why the damn thing crashed. Always heard horror stories about them, but I guess it was time to actually meet one up close and personal. Had no idea then how right I was gonna be.

As I said, the missionary rounded up a couple guys to come help us. Six tribals, along with our guide Ser Gant (Sergeant I suppose) and the big angry mountain, Lu Tenant (Obvious). We marched on for a couple days, making camp as needed, boring stuff that ain’t worth talking about. But when we got there, what a spectacle. Didn’t get to see much of the ship, but I could feel setting foot into it that it was a big one. Cruiser-class, according to Nautilus. Size of ours, possibly bigger. And somewhere in this twisted maze of metal, debris, and barely-functioning rubble were thousands of genestealers just waiting to introduce their claws to our faces. But we had to go through it to get off this planet.

That map Nautilus dug up was Emperor-sent. We’d never have found our way without it. Fire control was our first target. Had to get rid of that EMP. We’d hit the main bridge after that, if we had time. Spoiler, we didn’t. We made our way to fire control without incident, barring the blood-locked doors. Surprisingly, Ser Gant was descended from the original Rogue Trader whose blood was needed and the malfunctioning lock considered him good enough, letting us in.

Aux control was a disaster area. Must’ve been the last holdout of the surviving crew members. Bodies, papers, and lasguns everywhere. Poor bastards might as well have had rocks for all the good those lasguns would do against genestealers. While the bridge-bunny – Dara I think? – gathered up papers and everyone else sort’ve sauntered around poking at things, I picked up a lasgun to have a look at it. Then realized there was a broken vent in the ceiling. Stowed the gun, watched the vent… and saw it was watching us, too. Genestealer! Took a shot at it, don’t think I hit. Morpheous filled the whole vent with fire afterwards, and it either died or backed off because we didn’t see it again. We figured out where we had to go from here, I think – I was focusing more on the imminent death from above than on what everyone else was doing – and we moved on to main fire control.

Everything went down in main fire control. Barely had time to get inside and slam the door before a genestealer dropped down to say Hi. Amusingly, it decided to drop down and say Hi to Nautilus, who proceeded to bitch-slap it across the room with a power axe. Startled damn near everybody, especially the tribals who’d been hopped up on tales of how dangerous these things were. Surprised me, too – These things were murderous to Space Marines and it only took a few hundred to bring down a cruiser, but that guy just spanked it like it was a naughty child.

Wouldn’t last, though. To get out of here we had to access the experimental ship locked away in the hangar, and that required unblocking the hangar door… which was blocked by a mountain. As soon as Naut set to work raising the shields so the macrobatteries wouldn’t fry us when we fired them, more genestealers came in and this time everyone saw them. Gotta say, I’m surprised the tribals didn’t go panicking everywhere. Well, most of them. One or two of them wouldn’t fight… good company for Dara, who fled screaming to the door, and that random guy, Bob I think, who just fainted. Good thing Dara couldn’t actually open the door or we’d all probably be dead.

Nautilus graciously let Morpheous borrow his axe and I got to use his sword. Soon as the genestealers landed I channeled the fury of the Emperor and charged one, for death or glory… and cut its damn head off like I was slicing bread. Need to get one of these things for myself. And then the slaughter began. Slaughter of the genestealers, that is. Bitches kept coming in and we kept cutting them down – I think I led the kill count with four – as Nautilus got the voidshields online then fired the macrobatteries, rendering everyone deaf and permanently changing the world’s topography. What mountain? Unfortunately, a few of the tribals died in the fight and Morpheous took a huge blow from one. I got clawed pretty good myself, and Ser Gant got his intestines ripped out. Credit to him, he kept fighting despite the genestealer actively trying to eat his insides. We ganged up on that bastard and killed it before it could feast.

Once the hangar was clear, though, it was time to go. We could beat a few of them but we weren’t going to kill them all. The tribals helped Ser Gant out as we all fled, all except for Lu Tenant, who’d long since decided to seek peace at the Emperor’s side (apparently one of these things killed his wife) and another tribal who’d stayed to help him. They got ripped to bits, but bought us valuable time to flee. Lu Tenant got what he wanted, too – Even though he was in multiple chunks afterwards, he died with a smile. Brave, crazy bastards. Emperor give them peace.

The run to the hangar was just as dangerous, if a lot faster. We hit another blood-locked door and it became obvious we’d need Ser Gant to open it. Good thing he lived and we didn’t leave him behind. Had to fight a few genestealers at that door, too, while they all caught up. Nimble bastards, took us a while to put them down even with four of us piling on them. Morpheous filled the whole hallway with flame though, so we were able to barely hold the line despite their numbers and push on to the hangar.

What a beauty of a ship. Never seen anything like it; think this thing’s one of a kind! I’ll need to learn more about it with Nautilus when we get the time to sit down and look at it. Got it up and running in no time; despite its age and the beating it took it was more responsive than anything I’ve ever flown. Like second nature. Not much time to dwell on it now, though. Maybe when I get back to the ship. And spend some time in Medical getting this laceration patched up. And after I fix my voidsuit. And the gaping hole in my flak armor. Probably have to quarantine the tribals too, on account of genestealers. Always so much to do. But at least I’m alive to do it.

The Emperor protects.


The emperor protects.

10: Crusade to Planetfall
AAsama Trylobyte

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